Blue: We had to learn to deal with a very different music industry – Music News

Blue is “still learning” how to navigate the modern music industry since returning.

The boy band – made up of Duncan James, 44, Simon Webbe, 43, Antony Costa, 41 and Lee Ryan, 39 – topped the charts with hits such as “All Rise” and “One Love” at the early 2000s. but have now returned to music with their new album ‘Heart and Soul’ and Duncan explained that although he is “happy” to have had the experience of CDs, record store signings and television appearances, the group must now try to be “relevant” in a “very different” world of social media platforms and music streaming.

Duncan said: “It’s a very different industry now than it was then. Everything is very, very different with social media. But I’m really happy that we had the experiences that we had, like the TV shows that were around that we liked ‘Top of the Pops’, ‘CD:UK’ and ‘SM:TV’ I’m glad we had the Woolworths, store signings like that we have do and have climbed the ranks. It’s a very different world than what we’re used to but it’s about adapting and trying to be relevant in this new world. We just want the music to be about herself, we are all very proud of this album.”

Meanwhile, bandmate Antony added that he “doesn’t understand” the concept of streaming music on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music due to the disproportionate numbers compared to CD sales.

In the joint interview, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz, “It’s just that time has passed. We’re still learning, I’m still learning. Personally, I don’t get streams, I understand why he’s there. , but if I buy a single on a stream, I assume I helped and supported that artist, but you have to play it 10,000 times for it to count as a single sale I don’t understand, I don’t understand It’s not like the days of going to a record store, buying a CD and it counts as a sale. I still think about it and it still baffles me today!”

Blue’s new album ‘Heart and Soul’ is out and they are touring the UK in December.

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