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Check out the best free music downloader apps for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, one of the few things you want to do with it is listen to some good vibes. However, as all iOS users know, getting free iTunes music from Apple is not that easy. For the most part, Apple will require you to pay to access its songs, and you cannot get those songs directly from the internet and download them to your iPhone.

Music keeps me from swinging and rolling, staying happy during work hours, revitalizing my mind on long commutes, and speeding up parties, it’s a fundamental part of my life. To make sure my love affair with amazing songs is never interrupted, I created a huge playlist of my favorite songs.

Best Free Music Downloader Apps For iPhone


Spotify is without a doubt the most popular music platform in the world. Seems like an amazing platform to me, especially when it comes to managing playlists, making different channels and daily mixes. Spotify Free offers impeccable sound quality, and while there are ads, they aren’t destructive and don’t last long. Spotify is a big name when it comes to streaming content online. In addition to Apple’s iOS, it is also available on Android and other platforms.

All songs in this app are available for free. The other features below reveal more about what Shopify does. There will be no quality loss after creating a song offline. This allowed him to add over 3000 songs to the offline playlist on almost three different phones. With it, you can also recover a playlist that you accidentally deleted or deleted.

With your premium subscription, you can enjoy the songs without adding any and have better audio quality. There are also personal recommendations and a collection of pre-built playlists perfectly suited to your unique tastes. And if you want to improve your listening experience, you can buy Spotify Premium subscription for $ 10 per month to get rid of those ads. You can also create a personalized playlist and download music for offline listening.

Sound cloud

SoundCloud “doesn’t need any bells and whistles, does it?” the app has everything you could possibly need when it comes to music. SoundCloud has a huge library of songs to listen to, including hip-hop, RnB, rock, classical, reggae, jazz, podcasts, and great audiobooks. SoundCloud offers a great way to discover new artists. Once you’ve spotted an artist you love on SoundCloud, you can… lose yourself in a lair of musical wonders.

SoundCloud is probably the best way to learn how to download music to my iPod or iPhone. While you might not find the original version of a song, there are tons of remixes and covers here.

Google Play Music

Switching from Android from Google to iOS from Apple doesn’t necessarily mean a shutdown for your music. Google Play Music, with its amazing features, lets you listen to quality music through your iPhone. With this app, you can stream music online and also make your favorite song offline on your iPhone. It has many remarkable features that make it the most popular music downloader app. Provides streaming and storage of approximately 50,000 songs for free from your personal music collection. You can also have its premium versions in which you can enjoy ad-free and connection-free listening.

Like Spotify and SoundCloud, the app also recommends tracks based on your taste. Offers storage and streaming of up to 50,000 songs from your personal collection for free. You can buy a premium subscription for $ 10 per month to listen to music without ads. The premium version also includes the ability to download songs for offline listening, as well as the YouTube Red subscription without incurring any additional costs. Overall, the app has a clean design, containing carefully curated playlists and personalized radio stations that further enhance your listening experience.

Amazon Prime Music

If you are a primary Amazon subscriber, you will have free access to the Prime music service. It has a great music downloader app which allows users to listen to the music they like on iPhone and iPad. Music is accessible through artists, genres, playlists, etc. Users also have the option to record music offline when internet is not available.

Amazon Prime Music, as the title suggests, is a music streaming service offered by Amazon. You can purchase an annual subscription immediately or get a 30-day free trial. Like all previous apps and services, Amazon Prime Music lets you download tracks for offline playback.


Pandora is famous for its smart radio service, set it and forget it. Pick a song and let Pandora fill the next few hours with similar sounding music. Pandora has also added an on-demand component. Pandora is an iOS streaming app that gives you the ability to listen to music directly through streaming. If you have a favorite radio channel, chances are you will find it on this platform as well. If you are a heavy Pandora user, this may be worth it.

Use the Pandora Music Genome Project to discover more songs and albums you love, then add them to your library and take them with you offline using the same app. Since Apple does not allow any list of apps to download music directly, you can try streaming apps to download music from iPod. Pandora can be used to stream music or listen to your favorite radio channels.

You can download songs and listen to them offline. You can have a personalized experience with this app and it allows you to create stations from your desired songs and genres. You can also search for songs, playlists and the audio quality will be high. The best part is that you can listen to songs without ads.


Besides giving you the option to get free music on your iOS, Evermusic takes care of organizing and playing music. With the many songs available in this app, you will almost certainly find your choice. Here are more inspiring details about Evermusic.

For those of you who have saved your precious music collection to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, MEGA, Yandex. Disk and WebDAV and you want a better way to manage and use them, Evermusic is a fantastic music player and a must have app.

The app syncs with your playlists in the cloud and you can stream your songs from there or download your favorite tracks so you can listen to them, anytime, anywhere.


Free Music Archive (FMA) might not be a popular music downloader app. It is a repository that contains an organized collection of free music available worldwide. This free music collection is completely legal, so you don’t have to worry about how it works and stuff. With a very user-friendly interface, this music app for iOS allows its users to access the music library according to their moods and needs, as well as download the songs to their iPhone or iPad.

You also have the option to browse the music collection by genre. Music is organized into genres such as Blues, Classical, Country, Electronic, Folk, RnB, Hip-Hop, Instrumental, International, Jazz, Old-Time / Historical, Pop, Rock, Soul, and more. In addition, the app allows users to listen to their favorite tracks and share them on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and email.


Finally, Musify is also a reliable music downloader for iPhone that can help you make unlimited songs offline. With it, you can also manage your playlists intelligently and you can search songs without much hassle. Even your device is locked; you can manage music as it offers lock screen play controls. Additionally, you can listen to music before adding it to your playlist.

Final Words: Best Free Music Downloader Apps For iPhone

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