Best ACNH KK Slider Songs, Ranked

KK Slider is undoubtedly one of the most beloved characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizonsloved by fans and NPCs in the game. Slider has been featured in every Animal Crossing title in a way as an interpreter, and by New Horizons has achieved bona fide celebrity status in the game. Slider has quite a bit of lore surrounding him in animal crossingwhich details how he went from a shoebox guitar-playing puppy to a musical superstar.

When the players start playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one of their main goals is to raise their island’s rating to 3 stars in order to attract KK Slider to perform there. After earning a three-star island, KK Slider will perform every Saturday night in the town square from 6 p.m. to midnight, as well as on players’ birthdays. After each performance, players will receive a copy of the song to take home, which they can listen to on any in-game music player. New Horizons originally included 95 songs to perform, and the animal crossing Update 2.0 added 12 more titles. Now, with a library of 107 songs – or 110, if the three songs played when players make an invalid request are counted – there are plenty of titles to consider when it comes to picking the best dog songs.


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There are many different factors to consider when determining the best KK Slider songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The live and recorded versions of each song sound different, with Slider’s vocals missing from the latter. This KK Slider hit list will be based on the recorded version of each song, as this is the version players hear most often. Although most musicians agree that most – if not all – of KK’s songs on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons the soundtrack is an enjoyable listen, these are the ultimate KK Slider classics.

Best KK Slider Songs from ACNH: Welcome Horizons

Welcome to the ACNH Horizons album cover.

That wouldn’t be a good list of Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ best KK Slider songs not to mention the game’s amazing theme music. The first song KK Slider performs on a player’s island will be this one, giving it a special place in the hearts of many players. the New Horizons The theme song is a true masterpiece and fills players with joy with its calm yet triumphant energy. “Welcome Horizons“slowly adds instruments, creating a buildup that leads to a great gain that truly feels like a warm welcome to the island.

Best ACNH KK Slider Songs: KK Dirge

Cover of ACNH's KK Dirge album.

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Halloween mascot Jack on the cover, seen sneaking up on KK Slider, it’s obvious this track is going to be spooky. Perfect for a haunted house, pumpkin patch, or graveyard, this spooky tune is one of the most unique in KK Slider’s repertoire. With a mix of random jarring bangs, a menacing undercurrent, and a haunting theremin, “KK Say” stands out as one of Slider’s best songs.

Best ACNH KK Slider Songs: KK Flamenco

ACNH KK Flamenco album cover.

It’s always a treat when KK Slider explores a musical realm that people don’t often encounter in their day-to-day lives, and Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s”KK Flamencois a deft example of this. Inspired by Spanish flamenco music, the brilliantly fast guitar and intermittent clapping make for a stunning take on the genre.

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Best KK Slider Songs from ACNH: Forest Life

ACNH Forest Life album cover.

This Animal Crossing: New Horizons track is a heavy dose of nostalgia for any longtime fan of the series. The song is a remixed version of the theme from the very first animal crossing game, and the sweet chimes and shimmering sounds of the melody undoubtedly take many gamers back in time to their first experience with the game. Even aside from the nostalgia factor, this song is a joy to listen to, as it exudes a relaxing and limiting magical sensation throughout its composition.

ACNH’s Top KK Slider Songs: Surfin’ KK

Surfing KK album cover.

Surfing KKis the ultimate summer song. The track has a somewhat retro, Beach Boys vibe and perfectly captures the surf rock genre with its heavy use of reverb and upbeat tempo. When determining KK Slider’s best songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizonsmood songs can be added to different areas of the island should be considered, and this song is just begging to be played through a speaker on the beach.

ACNH’s Top KK Slider Songs: KK Metal

ACNH KK Metal album cover.

At over 150 beats per minute, “KK Metal“has one of the fastest tempos of any song by Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The track is an absolute headbanger, with rock guitar riffs and solos that really showcase Slider’s talent with the instrument. The distorted nature of the guitar and the aggressive energy of the song really do the song credit – the song is a perfect homage to the metal genre and one of the most impressive tracks ever produced by KK Slider.

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Best ACNH KK Slider Songs: Stale Cupcakes

ACNH Stale Cupcakes album cover.

Stale cupcakesis in a league of its own when it comes to KK Slider songs. Animal Crossing: New Horizons The ballad is a work of art and evokes the melancholic feeling one gets when thinking back to old memories of happier times while feeling sad.

Best ACNH KK Slider Songs: KK Cruisin’

ACNH's KK Crusin' album cover.

KK Slider’s masterful piece of lo-fi hip-hop is, for lack of a better word, vibe. The slow beat combined with an intermittent hissing synthesizer sound makes for a song that could be repeated for quite a while before becoming boring. The song is even played in the homes of some fan-favorite villagers from Animal Crossing: New Horizonslike Raymond and Francine, who – along with the Smug and Snooty personality types – are known for their high standards.

ACNH Top KK Slider Songs: KK Disco

ACNH KK Disco album cover.

There may never have been a better song for a animal crossing player and their gyroids to dance that “KK Nightclub.” Sporting a cover that is likely a reference to the movie Saturday night fever, this song hits all the right notes when it comes to a disco hit. “KK Nightclub“shows plenty of variety throughout, with syncopated baselines, a catchy melody and danceable beats that come together to make one of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ best songs.

ACNH’s Top KK Slider Songs: Bubblegum KK

ACNH's Bubblegum KK album cover.

It is the entrance almost all Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan probably saw it coming. Arguably KK Slider’s most famous song, “Bubblegum KKis an earworm of epic proportions. The upbeat tune is inspired by bubblegum pop music to create a one-of-a-kind hit that’s hard for players not to sing along to their villagers, even though the lyrics are in Animalese.

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