Apex Legends players encounter a bug causing significant audio issues

Apex Legends players report audio bugs that cause in-game music to explode during a match or remove all in-game audio.

Audio is a crucial part of almost all video games. Mountain peak players need to be able to hear audio signals, especially when fighting an enemy team. Not hearing enemy footsteps or the direction of gunfire can be damaging and cause players to lose a shootout.

Mountain peak Player KoonLeo recently uploaded a short clip showing his experience with the bug. They were fighting an enemy team when they dropped behind a building to heal and recover when the music started playing. They could not hear any other game sounds over the blaring music and were at a considerable disadvantage, which resulted in their deaths.

Other players have reported the same bug in their games, causing some to turn off the music altogether. Some players have reported having no sound when the music stops, which is arguably worse than having music in their ears. It is not known what causes this bug, although some players believe it occurs after being revived.

This bug is a significant issue affecting dozens of players. The bug often occurs towards the end of a game, putting teams in an almost impossible situation to win when the stakes are high.

Respawn has yet to publicly acknowledge the bug, and it’s unclear if the developers are aware of the situation. It will need to be resolved in an upcoming update so players can complete matches without blowing up their speakers.

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