Animal Rescue League removes hundreds of animals from their homes

ARGYLE, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa animal rescue organization has removed hundreds of animals living in “horrible” conditions from a rural property in Lee County where it had removed 42 dogs and puppies in February, the organization said.

The Iowa Animal Rescue League helped remove 225 animals last week from the southeast Iowa property. Animals included dogs, barn animals, reptiles and other small animals.

The group said the animals were crammed into small enclosures without food or water.

In February, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa helped law enforcement remove 42 dogs and puppies from the property. The organization also found two small cages with 41 hamsters living on top of each other.

The owners surrendered the animals found in February to the ARL but not the other animals. At the time, the organization said, authorities did not have the power to remove the animals without the owners’ consent.

Authorities then obtained a second search and seizure warrant, and a licensed veterinarian found that all animals needed to be removed, The Des Moines Register reported. The owners abandoned the animals as they were removed.

An Argyle-area man and woman were charged on March 7 with seven counts of animal neglect.

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