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Block themes are expanding to include more niches beyond simple one-column blogging themes, and Capture Themes is one of the companies at the forefront of this new frontier. Pentatonicthe company’s latest release at WordPress.org, is a free theme created for bands and musicians.

The theme uses basic blocks to create sections that showcase the work of creative artists of all kinds. For example, the header uses the Cover block with a gradient image with the focal point picker set to a certain point. The site’s identity and navigation are organized within a group, followed by a Media and Text block header section.

During installation and activation, Pentatonic provides a good experience for users. Clicking “Customize” takes users to the site editor with the home page loaded, almost identical to the demo of the free version.

Pentatonic comes with 17 block designs that users can easily mix and match to create their own unique pages. These include templates for About Us, Call To Action, Featured Content, Sidebar, Music Podcasts, 404 Header, Archive Header, Default Footer, Footer With three columns, Default header, Recent with blog sidebar, Post header, Header with buttons, etc. . Each section of the homepage can be recreated using a template on other pages or repeated/rearranged on the homepage.

The theme also includes 11 templates and eight template parts, allowing users to customize 404 page, unique blog posts, search results, post content, and more.

The pro version of the theme includes access to custom blocks, such as playlist, case study, skill bar, masonry, pop-up video, and more. The demo for the pro version has a sticky music player at the bottom of the page, promo pop-up video, podcast playlist, and other custom media add-ons that bands and artists may need.

Pentatonic has been optimized to respond well to all screen sizes and looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop. The theme is available for free at WordPress.org where you can preview all the templates and see a preview of the whole theme in action which strongly resembles the demo hosted on Catch Themes.

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