A brief overview of the history of the Cape Dutch-style building at Madeley Road


You might be wondering what’s going on in the Cape Dutch style building in Madeley Road, Hughes.

Well, the advertiser recently explored the building, which has charming historical features with some modern touches added to its interior.
During the visit, owner Ansley Twigge (72) shared a brief history of the Cape Dutch property and its function in the community.

Here is a brief overview of the building’s history:
The building serves a dual purpose, serving as a concert hall for up-and-coming young musicians and a home for the Twigge music-loving family.

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“We bought the house in 2000 as a dream house from the first owners who had the house built in the 1970s in the style known as Cape Dutch, which has its roots in the native Netherlands, and also a traditional architectural style found mainly in the Western Cape province, ”explained Ansley.

According to Ansley, the Covid-19 lockdown, which has seen many young people spend idle time at home, prompted him and his wife, Adeline, to convert part of the building into a concert hall for the benefit of young artists.

“As a music loving family, we have discovered that there is a need to provide a stage for young people who aspire to become professional musicians or singers, as well as small choirs and other performing artists.
“We launched the Madeley House Concert Hall project right after the first 21-day lockdown, and the main focus was to help up-and-coming young artists showcase their work and develop their skills,” said Ansley.

The family described the facility as a small, intimate place to promote and nurture young talent, with a beautifully maintained garden that can be used for picnics afterwards.

The venue can accommodate up to 70 spectators and is located close to key amenities including OR Tambo International Airport, East Rand Mall taxi rank and major roads.
“Our main motivation is to uplift the local community through contemporary and classical light music and the performing arts. “
The installation is accessible to amateurs as well as professionals and spectators. However, although the installation is available free of charge to young, emerging artists and their audiences, the project also welcomes professionals who wish to rent the hall at an affordable price.


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