10 best iTunes alternatives for Windows and Mac

Apple has decided to finally ditch iTunes in the latest macOS Catalina update. So, now is a good time to look for the best iTunes alternative for your MacBook or Windows PC in 2021. While they have yet to announce what will happen to iTunes on Windows, its fate would be the same.

In the new macOS Catalina update, three separate apps, namely Apple Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts, replaced iTunes. Finder has been given the responsibility of managing the iPhone.

It definitely increases the hassle of managing different features of different apps. In addition, regulars of iTunes already miss it. So here are the 10 best iTunes alternatives for MacBook and Windows computers for an iTunes-esque experience.

You can use them to manage your iPhone, listen to music, play videos, and other features that you have previously used iTunes for.

1. MusicBee

MusicBee is a very popular replacement for iTunes if you are looking for a cool music player. It’s fast, easy to use, stylish, and gets the job done perfectly. You will get a great music streaming experience with a long list of advanced features including the 15 band equalizer.


  • Sleek yet simple user interface.
  • Tons of features.
  • Transparent music streaming.

The inconvenients:

  • Does not work well with transferring multiple files.

Get MusicBee To free

2. WALTR Pro

WALTR Pro is the perfect alternative to iTunes if you regularly need to transfer files to your iPhone, iPad or other devices. It is able to automatically change the file format to make it compatible with your device. You can also choose to transfer files depending on the application destination.


  • Hassle-free file transfers.
  • Makes files compatible with your device.
  • Supports iMessages.

The inconvenients:

  • Not available for free.
  • WiFi transfers take a bit of time.

Get WALTR Pro – Single license: $ 29.95 and family license: $ 59.95

3. AnyTrans

AnyTrans is the perfect alternative to iTunes to backup your iPhone data. It allows you to backup all data and encrypt it for added security. It even supports older iPhones like the iPhone 3GS to date. There are WiFi and USB transfers but the data is stored locally.


  • Schedules AirBackup.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available in 7 languages.

The inconvenients:

  • Cannot add or edit iTunes library.

Get AnyTrans – Single license: $ 39.99 and family license: $ 59.99

4. Tide

Tidal is another replacement for iTunes if you want an amazing music streaming service. It ensures high quality streaming for different packages. The more you pay, the better you will receive. The only downside to the app is the unavailability of podcasts.


  • Excellent music streaming quality.
  • A very attractive user interface.
  • Compatible with music videos.

The inconvenients:

  • Not compatible with podcasts.

Get Tide – 320 Kbps: $ 9.99 / month and high fidelity lossless: $ 19.99 / month.

5. Vox media player

Vox Media Player is another simple yet transparent music player for Mac users that perfectly replaces iTunes. You can use it to listen to your favorite songs with exceptional quality. It supports additional formats such as FLAC, M4A, APE, and CUE, as well as traditional MP3 and MP4 formats.


  • Supports multiple file formats.
  • Support over 30,000 radio stations.
  • You can stream music through YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.

The inconvenients:

  • Pricing is based on the subscription model.

Get Vox Player – Free and $ 4.99 / month.

6. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is the perfect iTunes alternative for Windows users to organize music library. It is a robust and dynamic media player that incorporates tons of useful features. You can also customize it according to your needs.


  • Simple and customizable user interface.
  • Compatible with several formats.
  • Automatically updates library and video collection.

The inconvenients:

  • The user interface may appear outdated to some users.
  • Only available for Windows.

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7. DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is a dynamic tool for managing media and music, transferring files, and creating automatic backups on your iOS devices. This tool brings together all the features of iTunes in one package.


  • Feature rich application.
  • Allows you to encrypt the data.
  • Transfers data transparently.

The inconvenients:

  • Heavy user interface.
  • A bit expensive than other apps.

Get DearMob iPhone Manager – Free trial or 2 licenses: $ 47.95

8. Fidelia

Fidelia is a fabulous music player available for macOS. This rugged player will ensure you never miss iTunes even once with its highest possible audio quality. It also has a sleek interface that focuses only on music.


  • Supports 64-bit audio unit plug-ins.
  • Supports all contemporary audio file formats.
  • Offers the best sound quality.

The inconvenients:

  • New users may feel stuck in the user interface.

Get Fidelia for $ 29.95

9. WinX MediaTrans

Winx MediTrans is yet another iTunes alternative for Windows that offers fast and smooth transfer of media files between your PC and iOS devices. It also offers automatic photo backup, music management with dual music transfer, and many other useful features.


  • Fast and efficient media transfer.
  • Capable of encrypting media including videos.
  • Clean and simple user interface.

The inconvenients:

  • A bit pricey considering the other alternatives.

Get Winx MediaTrans – Free Trial or $ 35.95

10. CopyTrans

CopyTrans is a simple yet effective data manager to transfer files from your iOS device to Windows PC. It also allows you to backup your data including your playlists. You can also easily customize iPhone music library backup.


  • Compatible with almost all iOS devices.
  • Easily manage all types of files including notes, calendars, etc.

The inconvenients:

  • It is unable to import data from iPhone.
  • The user interface may seem a bit complicated for some users.

Get CopyTrans for free.

These are the 10 best iTunes alternatives for Mac and Windows. You can use them because iTunes became obsolete in the last update. Let us know which one you think will be the perfect replacement among these.

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